About Us

Our Origins

There is a whole list of benefits for learners when fun is integrated into lessons, especially in significant improvement to performances, better overall impression of the school, increased engagement during lessons and increased confidence in themselves (including that of teachers). These benefits lead to what parents ultimately want to cultivate in their young: the habit of lifelong learning.



Fun Learner's School is a live example of such a practice that is founded upon principles of education research and psychology. This extraordinary establishment focuses on providing unique lessons, workshops and major exam-preparation camps. The learning centre's role in education is to equip students with studying strategies and exam tactics (Linchpin Competencies) for optimal academic performance. The subjects covered are English, Chinese, Math and Science, and the levels taught range from pre-Primary to Primary and Secondary.


To date, they have been very successful in instilling fundamentals of learning in the blossoming generation. For starters, it is worth exploring the backstory of the centre's humble beginnings.

Filled with the simple passion for education, the founders - Mr Chee Chin Young and Ms Cha Pei Pei (formerly an ASEAN scholar) - began their teaching career as private home tutors during their NUS days, and regular relief teachers in various primary schools after graduation. Despite difficult conditions in the aftermath of the SARS and the economic crisis, the resilient duo founded the MOE-registered private school in 2005. Over the following decade, with little more than 3 classrooms and the fervour for professional development, both founders not only ran the learning centre, but also trained in numerous relevant courses, including the Teaching Diploma from Cambridge International and the Master Degree in Education from UWA (University of Western Australia).


With the recent expansion to 7 classrooms and a well-developed team of teachers and facilitators, Mr Chee and Ms Cha are able to effect a positive difference to the learning journeys of many more students, a number of whom are from GEP (Gifted Education Programme), IP (Integrated Programme) and IB (International Baccalaureate). It is not uncommon to find enrolled students whose parents are esteemed professionals - a testament to the belief in the learning centre's approach to education. In fact, there are even students who stay on for the full 10 years from Primary 1 to Secondary 4.

To be at the forefront in the instruction of learning methods, Mr Chee and Ms Cha have undertaken further studies in the Doctor Degree in Education since 2016, and are expected to complete the doctoral thesis only in 2021. However, despite the increased workload, the founders are always looking for ways to bring the unique brand of education to more students in Singapore and even abroad.



how we train our students



Know Us From Within

Our Purpose Of Existence

Our purpose of existence is to reignite in learners the belief in their own capabilities.


The Values We Live By


  • Always be learning for improvement and be ready for more.
  • Experiment and excel with fun in as many ways as possible.
  • Always be pioneering something for a greater good.

  • Ownership over whatever that needs to be done.
  • Group interest above self.

  • Empathy for fellow staff, learners, parents as well as the world around us

Our Vision To Achieve


We see a time when Fun Learners’ School is a world-class institution revolutionising strategies in learning, teaching and curriculum.


Our Mission

Our daily obsession is to increase accessibility to lessons that focus on the transmission of learning strategies through innovative delivery of high-value and relevant curriculum in a manner that is both inspirational and fun.