About Us

There is a whole list of benefits for learners when fun is integrated into lessons, especially in significant improvement to performances, better overall impression of the school, increased engagement during lessons and increased confidence in themselves (including that of teachers). These benefits lead to what parents ultimately want to cultivate in their young: the habit of lifelong learning.




Fun Learner's School is a live example of such a practice that is founded upon the principles of education research and psychology. This extraordinary establishment focuses on providing unique lessons, workshops and major exam-preparation camps. The learning centre's role in education is to equip students with studying strategies and exam tactics for optimal academic performance. The subjects covered are English, Chinese, Math and Science, and the levels taught range from pre-Primary to Primary and Secondary.

Till date, we have taught more than 10,000 students, many of them are scholars, and graduates from universities whom it's their turn to contribute back to our society.