Speed Studying Strategy Workshop

Calling All P3 – P5 Parents

Especially For Helpless Parents With P3-P6 Kids Who Can’t Seem To Score A/A* Even After Countless Hours Of Studying And Tuition

Discover This Unique “Speed Studying Strategies” (SSS) That Can Help Your Child To Study 3-5 Times Faster To Get A Distinction For Any Subject (EMSC)!

These breakthrough strategies that are based on the new science of learning, proven to help your child cut down hours of studying and unwanted stress… while still scoring distinction.

Hi parents, my name Chin Young. I’m a doctorate candidate in education with research focus on effective learning strategies. To put it simply, I research on the most effective studying methods the research of the top education specialists in the world.

Some of you may recognise me as the published author of successful book series, “Science Of Success”, where I distilled the most effective studying strategies from my research.

You may have also seen me appearing in the news and medias, such as LOVE 972. My work has also been reviewed and recommended by many education and mommy bloggers.

Currently, I’m also the Founder and Principal of Fun Learners’ School that specialises in helping students to score distinctions in all their subjects (EMSC) while having fun.

Using the research that I’ve found, we focus on using proven learning strategies backed by research in educational and cognitive psychology to make classroom learning effective and enjoyment.

Through my 18 years of teaching experience, and after helping more than 10,000 students to excel in their studies, I’ve came to realise that the biggest reason why students don’t score distinction has nothing to do about their learning ability or how smart they are.

Is your child experiencing such symptoms?

  • Studying and working diligently but still not scoring distinction
  • Spending a lot of time doing assessment books and past year papers but don’t show significant improvements
  • Slower in understanding concepts and picking up skills than his peers
  • Claiming that he fully understands what’s going on in class, but is unable to apply what he learnt, often staring blankly at certain questions for a long period of time…
  • Have difficulty focusing and concentration in his learning

Instead, it’s because of ineffective studying strategies.

But it’s actually not their fault.

If you think about it, no one has taught them to learn and study effectively.

Many of us assume that simply by paying attention in class, by reading and underlying their textbook, and by memorising and drilling all the content, the students should be able to do well.

But as you probably already realised by now, that’s not the case.

In fact, there are many students who have the potential to score distinction for every subject, but have been hindered by ineffective studying strategies to get the results they deserved.

But what if there’s a more effective and faster way to not only score distinctions, but also have fun at the same time?

For many years, people always believe that studying has to be difficult and stressful. So we always associate studying = suffering. But recently there’s a new science of studying that allows students to learn, understand and retain new topics much faster and more effective.

This breakthrough strategy is called the “Linchpin Competency” (which I have created using the latest Science of Studying research), and can be applied to all the subjects (EMSC) as well.

The best thing about this method is that it acts as a RESULTS MULTIPLIER effect. So if your child is studying 10 hours to score only Cs & Bs, I will show you how he can use this same 10 hours to score A/A* consistently.

Which I’m sure you would agree it would be very helpful for your child’s results, motivation and self-confidence.

So, if you’re interested to learn more about effective studying strategies backed up by science, here’s your chance:

I will be holding a workshop called

“Speed Studying Strategies”

How Your Child Can Study Any School Subjects

3-5x Faster (EMSC) To Score A Distinction

Here’s what you will learn during this insightful and highly practical 2-hours workshop:

* Discover the top 20% core skills for each subject (and level) that will contribute to up to 80% of your child’s results. Many students are often overwhelmed by the amount of information they need to learn and remember. But just by mastering these few core skills, your child will easily score at least an A for his exams

* Learn how to use Intelinote – an effective note-taking method to reduce revision time by more than 90% (this note-taking method was invented by an educator in the US, but I’ve broken the core principles down and adapted it for studying Singapore curriculum)

Discover the “hidden syllabus” in every subject that nobody is talking about. Most parents and even teachers don’t know that there are actually several hidden syllabuses that are tested but not taught. Those high-achiever students who consistently score A* usually rely on these to top the cohort. I will show you what they are and how your child can study for them.

* Discover the secret organisational system that top achievers used to compile their work – helping students to increase retention by 5-7x and reduce revision time by up to 90%

* Learn the core skills to make classroom learning much more effective, creating a multiplier effect in their understanding and picking up of new skills (this is how the A* students maximise their learning so that they can cut down studying time drastically at home)

* Discover how to nurture strong motivation in your child by helping him to fall in love with learning (practical parenting tips backed up by science)

* And many, many more powerful tips you can apply at home to help your child to score a distinction!

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When you sign up for this workshop, your child will also be given a free immersion class, where he can learn and apply some of these Speed Studying strategies on the spot. As soon as he starts applying these strategies, he can begin to see a huge improvement in his results.


During the immersion class, students will be doing EMSC Diagnostic Tests to identify their learning gaps. This is exclusively for P5 and P6 students.


EXCLUSIVE Key Skills Concept Map: Did you know that there are only 20% of the key skills and concepts that your child needs to learn for each level and subject that will help him score at least 80% for every exam? This means that instead of studying and memorising everything, they only need to focus on a selected few to do well in exam… saving him a lot of time and mental energy.

For example, most parents don’t know that the most important core skill for P3 Math is multiplication. This means that as long as your child masters multiplication, he can easily do well for Math.

You see, I’ve broken down every single core skills and concepts needed for each level (P3-P6) and subject (EMSC), and have put them all in an informative diagram. When you come for this workshop, I will be giving it to you for FREE as a bonus. Just get your child to focus everything on this diagram, and he should do well. This is one of the true secrets to Speed Studying. Especially useful during PSLE.

* Unlike all the other parent workshops, all my strategies are based on scientifically and empirically proven studying methods used by the top educators in the US. I’ve adapted them to Singaporean student context and have repeatedly tested and perfected them with my students at Fun Learners. What you will learn are what have been used by more than 10,000 Singaporean students.

** Due to space constraints, this is based on first-come, first-served basis. Only the first 10 who confirmed their seats will learn these Speed Studying Strategies and receive this Key Skills Concept Map bonus. Take action fast to avoid disappointment!


Date: Saturdays

Time: 3-5 pm

Venue: 371 Bukit Batok St 31 #02-328 & #02-326

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