Learners' Say


Results improved after adopting the effective studying techniques and exams tactics

Initially, I did not know of methods to solving certain type of questions and there are many words that I did not know of so I could not adapt well. However, after joining Fun Learners’ School, the teachers helped me greatly by identifying the mistakes I have made and corrected my mindset for studying. It was a fun experience learning at Fun Learners’ School with conducive air-conditioned environment. Games were played after every lesson and it was very enjoyable. I personally like the star claim system as well. My results improved after adopting the effective studying techniques and exams tactics.

Tee Kai Xin, Dazhong Primary School

More serious with my studies

After I joined Fun Learners’ School, I learned to be more serious with my studies and my results did improved. I like the school’s environment and the star system which I can claim presents using the stars I earned through my own efforts. The journal also kept my progress in check.

Liew Jiun Wee, St Anthony Primary School

A for mathematics in PSLE

At first, I did not really understand how to solve math problem sums even after my school’s math teacher explained it. In Primary 5, I almost failed the subject and I was not really doing well. However in Fun Learners’ School, the methods used by the teachers are much easier to understand. I used to get B or C for mathematics but this year, I managed to attain A for mathematics in PSLE.

Phoebe Ang, St Anthony Primary School

Achieved A* for the EL & CL for PSLE

I was not doing too well in my composition which led me to only getting A in English and Mother Tongue. However, all thanks to Fun Learners’ School, I was finally able to achieve A* for the above 2 subjects mentioned for PSLE. The experience with the teachers and staff was truly great and the teaching style here was not too restrictive which gave me the opportunities to think by myself.

Ryan Mah, Henry Park Primary School

Results have indeed improved

Whenever I faced questions that are difficult to solve, I always have to mindset to give up but the teachers in Fun Learners’ School led me in thinking that I should overcome the difficulties and work harder for my results. My results have indeed improved for being with the school for some time and I enjoy having classes in this conducive learning environment.

Jayden Chee, Princess Elizabeth Primary School

Learn more studying techniques

Originally, I did not score well in Science but after coming to Fun Learners’ School, I got to learn more studying techniques which were effective in helping me to improve my Science. I like the learning environment, star claim system and the teaching style of my teachers. They are very kind which made my personal experience here good and fun.

Cheong Kai Xin, St Anthony Primary School

More confident in writing compositions

I  had trouble in writing interesting compositions and struggled to score well. However, teachers in Fun Learners’ School are kind and easy to talk to. They are also very encouraging when it comes to doing work. The InteliNote that we used here was very useful and helped me in keeping track of my daily work. Now, I feel more confident in writing compositions and is able to finish Higher Mother Tongue paper during examinations.

Lim Hui Xin, Lianhua Primary School

Like the teaching style of the teachers. My results improved a lot.

My Chinese was very bad when I first joined Fun Learners’ school but I had a good experience learning here as the teachers and staff were very easy to talk to and humorous. The school is air conditioned hence making the learning environment conducive and I personally like the teaching style of the teachers in this school. After being with Fun Learners’ School for some time, my results improved a lot.

Renee Kok, Lianhua Primary School

Not only did my results improved, my studying techniques have also changed for the better.

Before joining Fun Learners’ School, I had difficulty in coping with my studies. However, after joining Fun Learners’ School, I realised that studying can actually be very fun and exciting together with the help of the teachers who were very approachable and friendly. I personally like their teaching style and the school’s environment which made learning more conducive. Not only did my results improved, my studying techniques have also changed for the better.

Ethan Kok, GMSS

Math has improved from an E8 to A1

Dear Mr Chee,

Thank you for encouraging me all the way. Thanks to you, my Math has improved from an E8 to A1.

Clara Wong, S1