Learners' Say


Achieve my desired grades in Math

Fun Learners’ School is a tuition centre that helps me to achieve my desired grades. I have improved a lot in my Math ever since I joined. The teachers are warm, friendly and caring.

Justin Ng, Learner since Pri 5

Teachers are patient, encouraging and understanding

Fun Learners’ School is like another home of mine. Going there is something I look forward to. The lessons are both enriching and fun. The teachers are patient, encouraging and understanding. Ms Cha is always there with a listening ear for me and is always supportive and helpful. I never fail to be amazed by Mr Chee’s vast knowledge of things. Without Fun Learners’ School Tuition Centre, I wouldn’t have received so many opportunities, learn so much and meet so many wonderful teachers. I love Fun Learners’ School!

Sen Wei Lin, River Valley High

Confidence and foundation in learning have improved greatly

I was having trouble and understanding some concepts from the Math textbook and my teachers were unable to answer or help me with my queries.

I decided to come to Fun Learners School for help and my grades are not improving. I made this decison because I had tuition once here from 2011 to 2012 and I have confidence in the expertise of the teachers there.

I am very pleased to learn that the teachers here are confident in their knowledge of the subject, and all of them tried to keep a conducive learning environment for the students. The teachers answered all the questions from both the parents and students with patience and always welcome students with whatever questions they might have.

I have already my doubts and misunderstanding of the subject and gained more knowledge on it as well as the ability in handling tough questions during examinations. My grades, and more importantly, confidence and foundation in learning have improved greatly. I will like to thank all the staffs in Fun Learners for their efforts and I owe my successes to them.

Lee An Qi, Bukit Batok Secondary School

Look forward to your lessons.

Dear Mrs Tan, Mr Chee & Ms Cha

I look forward to your lessons as they are fun and enjoyable. Thank you for helping me to score well in my exams.

Xavier Leong, P3 (St Anthony Pri)

Thank you for your kind patience and for improving my work!

Thank you for your kind patience and for improving my work! I am so grateful!

Ang Pei Shan, P6 (Yew Tee Pri)

Love attending Chinese lessons

I love attending Chinese lessons as Ms Cha tells interesting stories to make learning of Chinese meaningful.

Michelle, P2 (Lian Hua Pri)

Mr Chee, Ms Cha & Mrs Tan have taught me useful things and helped me to improve in my results

Mr Chee, Ms Cha & Mrs Tan have taught me useful things and helped me to improve in my results. I really enjoy coming to Fun Learners’ School Tuition Centre.

Brendan Ang, P4 (St Anthony Pri) (currently in Hwa Chong High)

I look forward to your lessons as they are Fun and Enjoyable

Dear Mr Chee, Ms Cha,

I look forward to your lessons as they are Fun and Enjoyable. Help us in every lesson, to score well in exams. Your patience has no limits so are your stickers too!

Xavier Leong, P5

Find ourselves positive with you

Thank you Mr Chee,

For being an encouragement to me. Thank you for your time, aptitude and energy. Thank you for your zeal & laughter. Thank you for giving the best of yourself on us and for bringing out the Best in us. For you give us the foresight to see a better tomorrow. So that we will see the vision and work hard. You work with each of us to make us see those things.

That brings enduring happiness and success. Your passion is so infectious. That we find ourselves positive with you on your Special day!

Natasha Ee, P6

Enjoys studies

The teachers at the centre are good and have helped me to improve a lot in my results. I am always happy when I am there.

Damian Ng, Nan Hua Primary School