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Limited to Only The First 10 Seats

why Choose our GEP Course

Learn from the Best: Mr. Chee's Expertise in GEP Strategies

  • Strategic Early Start: Gain a competitive edge with early preparation, significantly boosting your child’s chances of securing a place in GEP.


  • Focused on Comprehensive Skill Enhancement: The course prioritizes holistic skill development, including unwavering mental focus and effective learning strategies crucial for academic excellence.


  • Innovative Teaching by Mr. Chee: Benefit directly from the insights and expertise of Mr. Chee, our Principal, using educational methods proven successful since 2005, to nurture high achievers.


  • Global Pedagogical Experience: Mr. Chee is not only locally esteemed but also globally recognized for training teachers and authoring the renowned “My Pals are Here” series.


  • Unique Learning Opportunity: This course offers a rare chance to learn from a leader in educational strategies, making it an invaluable addition to your child’s learning journey.

Dear P3 Parent,

As your child ventures through Primary 3, are you considering ways to give them an academic advantage, especially in preparing for the Gifted Education Programme (GEP)? The GEP program is an exclusive program designed for the top 1% of the cohort, offering resources and opportunities far beyond the mainstream.

Gaining a place in the GEP program can be a gateway to Singapore’s top secondary schools, such as Raffles Girls’ School (RGS), Raffles Institution (RI), Nanyang Girls’ High School, and Hwa Chong Institution. It’s more than just an academic program; it’s a pathway to extraordinary education and better opportunities.

Understanding the competitive nature of GEP, we at Fun Learners’ School have tailored a GEP prep course to give your child that much-needed edge. Even if your child doesn’t eventually join the GEP, this course will significantly enhance their overall academic skills and readiness for future endeavors.

This March, seize the opportunity to give your child a head start. Our course is designed to foster the skills and mindset necessary not just for GEP, but for lifelong learning and success.

Enroll your child in our GEP Prep Course today and set them on the path to academic excellence and beyond.


Key Skills Training in this GEP Course for High Achievers:

  • Strong foundational knowledge
  • Familiarity with the GEP test structure
  • Expansive range of vocabulary
  • Skill in comprehending and analyzing extended texts
  • Symbolic representation
  • Mental Sums and Number Bonds
  • Tips, tricks and short-cut method for non-routine problems sums
  • Fast and higher-order thinking
  • Spatial reasoning
  • Deductive logic, and categorization
  • Linguistic logic, which includes vocabulary logic, summarization, and interdisciplinary logic.

Limited to Only The First 10 Seats

Dear Esteemed Parents,

With over 18 years of experience as a Speed Studying Strategist, I have dedicated my career to guiding students towards achieving top grades (A*, A, and now AL1 to AL4) in all subjects. My success is rooted in the unique LAM Methodology, a proven approach to academic excellence.

My expertise and methods have not only been recognized in media outlets like CNA, Channel 5, 958 Radio, and Lianhe Zaobao but have also led me to train educators both locally and internationally.

As an author, I have contributed to the educational landscape through multiple titles with Marshall Cavendish, including the “My Pals are Here” textbooks.

In this upcoming GEP course, which I will personally conduct, I bring my extensive experience in helping numerous students gain entry into the GEP stream and achieve high grades in English, Math, and Science. I’ve seen gifted students miss out on the GEP opportunity due to unfamiliarity with its requirements – a situation I find truly unfortunate as these students deserve to realize their potential with the best resources available.

Enrolling your child in this class offers them a significant competitive advantage, ensuring they are well-prepared and confident in their journey towards academic success. Let’s unlock your child’s full potential together.

Looking forward to welcoming you and your child in my class,

Mr Chee

Teachers' Training Conducted by Mr Chee:

Don’t Just Take Our Words....​

What Learners And Parents Say:

Keven TanGEP Student
Read More
I have learnt useful skills to tackle English and Chinese comprehension, and I think this camp is useful in helping me to do better in my PSLE.
Lee Jia QiPSLE score above 260
Read More
I have learnt many useful skills such as note-taking skills, time management and how to avoid making careless mistakes. I will recommend this camp to other students.
Mrs. Lee Mother of Renfred
Read More
I like that there are parental involvement, and a lot of guidelines and skills being taught during the camp.
Audrey Wan GEP studentPSLE score 269
Read More
The teachers are very encouraging. I enjoyed this camp very much!
Mrs. TeoMother of Hui Wen
Read More
Teachers lead my daughter to very positive learning attitude, and she is more willing to share her thoughts with me.
Mrs. BoeyMother of Joelle
Read More
The teachers have put in a lot of effort to make the camp work! It is very different from those that are commercially run.
Mrs. NgMother of Damian Ng
Read More
It brings out the good things in my child which I think it really makes him more confident.
Mrs KohMother of Sarah Koh
Read More
“You teach my child how to ‘fish’ instead of ‘fishing’ for her. Sarah learns to work in a team.
Kwek Li XuanPSLE score above 260
Read More
I have learnt good habits to help me to be a more effective student as well as useful words and phrases to use in my Chinese oral.
Tan Hui YeePSLE score above 260
Read More
I have learnt useful tips to ‘ace’ my subjects and to make notes more effectively using the whole-brain.

Frequently Asked Questions

While the primary aim is to prepare students for the GEP, the skills and knowledge imparted are beneficial for all students. The course helps in overall academic improvement, making it suitable for any student looking to enhance their learning abilities.

The ideal candidates for this course are students who has a keen interest in Math, particularly those selected for Math Olympiad classes, will find this course especially beneficial. Additionally, students who are avid readers, with a strong interest in a wide range of English books, especially those pertaining to current affairs or natural sciences, are well-suited for this program. This course is designed to further cultivate their interests and strengths in these areas.

Yes, regular feedback on your child’s progress will be provided. We believe in keeping parents informed about their child’s development and areas of improvement.

This course spans a total of 30 lessons. For new students, we provide 4 introductory sessions to get started. To enroll, please click ‘Sign Up Now’ on this page.

Some Schools and Learners I Have Worked With:​

IMAGINE, How Would It Feel Like To…

  • Wake up 6 months from now, your excited child showing you the yellow paper to be accepted into GEP?
  • ​Finally be able to let your child learn effectively without sending them to expensive tuition centres?







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1 MONTH UNLIMITED ACCESS  to our online question resources!

A comprehensive collection of over 2000 questions and GEP test papers in IQ Math, General Ability, and English Vocabulary, designed to boost your child’s academic standards and performance.


1 MOCK EXAM SESSION  for GEP Screening Test

Acquaint your child with the exam environment and the variety of questions they will encounter in the screening test.


$ 600 4 Trial Lessons
  • English Coaching
  • Mathematics Coaching
  • General Ability Coaching
  • Academic Skills Coaching
  • Lesson Recodings for All Sessions
  • Comprehension Personalised Feedback
  • Unlimited One Month Access for Online Question Bank
  • FREE PSLE Parental Secret Workshop

Limited to Only The First 10 Seats