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Primary Math

$50.00 – $70.00 Per Lesson


Available: All Year

Lesson Duration:
Pri 2 – Sec 4 for 1 hr 45 mins
Pre-Primary – Pri 1 for 1 hr 30 mins

Term: 12 to 13 Weeks

Level: Intermediate to Advance

All lessons are auto recorded for revision purpose.


Primary Mathematics

Solve 90% Of Challenging Problem Sums With The Simplified Table-Model Approach


Do you find your primary school child learning all the model methods but still cannot solve the problem sums reliably and within the exam time limit?


For many students in tests and exams, too much time is wasted on deciding the type of model to sketch. 


If problem sums are not conquered in the math paper, the student can forget about even AL3, not to mention AL2 or AL1.


While the model methods in the textbooks are effective, they come in numerous confusing forms like the part-whole model, comparison model, unit-and-part model, constant-difference model, etc. 


To complicate matters further, some students are also taught the ratio method, which is just as effective on questions dealing with ratio comparison. 


What if I let you know a more effective and efficient TMA (Table-Model Approach) that we have taught to thousands of past students?


The “Table” refers to the Unit Table Method – faster than sketching complex models, yet less prone to error than the ratio table. The “Model” refers to the simple that may be followed up to make the final answer more obvious and certain.


Not only that, we are firm believers in strength through basics. 


In every topic, your child will be trained in Application Skills, which scales up to the tougher Process Practice. At the end of the topic, an Application Assessment would be used to find out the weak areas for strengthening.


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