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Secondary Math

$50.00 – $70.00 Per Lesson


Available: All Year

Lesson Duration:
Sec 1 – Sec 4 for 1 hr 45 mins

Term: 12 to 13 Weeks

Level: Intermediate to Advance

All lessons are auto recorded for revision purpose.

Secondary Mathematics

Score A1 Consistently In Math Exams With Half The Effort


Most secondary school students can do well in topical tests but fail to deliver in the year-end exams. 


Here are the top 3 reasons we have found:


Reason #1: 

Although students learn the concepts and formulae, they are not equipped with the studying strategies to apply deeper on challenging questions in the exams.


Reason #2:

They focus too much on each topic and fail to apply common concepts across different topics. A strong example is the application of algebraic manipulation in almost all other topics such as quadratic solutions, trigonometry and plane geometry.


Reason #3:

Too much time is spent writing comprehensive working statements, which are more for systematic understanding during learning. Because of exam time limit, there is not enough time to check for careless mistakes or even to complete the full paper.


At Fun Learners’ School, your child will be trained in studying strategies such as InteliNote system (intelligent note taking) to recall formulae quickly and apply concepts effectively on practice questions for exam.


Our curriculum focus on Linchpin Competencies (fundamental subject techniques) ensures that the student is constantly mindful of the link across the topics. ‘


The start of each topic will be taught with comprehensive working statements. At the advanced training stage, our teachers will be emphasising working shortcuts (or “exam hacks”)  to score maximum marks within the exam time limit.


Any student trained in the above method will easily secure a stream of distinctions leading up to “O” Levels, be it E. Math or A. Math.


If you want your child to score A1 consistently in math exams, WhatsApp / Call 9159 1076 or Register Below!