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No improvement shown after studying with greatest efforts

Problem #04: No improvement shown after studying with greatest efforts

Choosing the right tuition centre is crucial for your child’s academic success.

Over the years, we have encountered many brilliant students whose potential for academic success were denied. Worst of all, we have seen many brilliant students’ talents untapped and underachievement in their examination results.

To begin with, there were many reasons.

One of the most common mistakes we discovered was the failure to identify challenges faced by a child when studying.

On the other hand, attending tuition centre does not guarantee the child’s success; Right Teaching Method and Right Study Method Does !!!

Here in Fun Learner’s School, we always make it a point to understand the challenges faced by students on their side of the problem before any meaningful progress can be expected.


*Note: Names have been changed to protect identities.

Case Study #4: For Jia Ying*, The Time And Effort (And Money) Had Gone To Waste

Background Information:

Education Level: Primary 4
Learning Challenge: Doesn’t Understand What The Teacher is Teaching in School
Tuition Experience: – Attended other centres for other subjects concurrently

Studies was the No. 1 priority in Jia Ying’s family. Being the only child, all the parents’ time, effort and money were focused on the Primary 4 girl. Her study table was in the living room, and a row of assessment books lined a bookshelf stretching from wall to wall. We can only imagine the high hopes for Jia Ying, and the resulting disappointment when her results fell.

In initial impressions, the teachers at Fun Learners School felt that Jia Ying was a positive learner overall. She was attentive in class, and homework was faithfully completed. However, her test results in school continued to worsen, partly because of the “Primary 5 Effect” when results drop across the board for most students due to a big jump in difficulty from Primary 4.

That was until we found out the real reason: Jia Ying was simply not exam-smart. Her biggest hurdle was completing the paper within the time limit. If given the whole weekend, even the most challenging questions could be solved. But under exam conditions, marks were lost to incomplete questions and careless mistakes.

Jia Ying’s problem was resolved by regular testing and performance feedback in FLS lessons. The best and only way to train in exam strategies is to go through multiple simulations, when the child could rehearse exactly what to do. By CA2 in August, Jia Ying scored “A” (75%) compared to border-line pass in SA1. From then, the improvements were exponential.

Does your child face the lack of improvement like Jia Ying previously? Talk to us. At Fun Learners School, we can help.