P5 P6 English Creative Writing Intensive Course

Getting Bored Of Writing The Same Boringgggg Way? Learn And Apply Impactful Storytelling Techniques In 3 Days!

  • Experience the one and only training programme on studying strategies and exam tactics (known as Linchpin Competencies), which focuses on that 20% of studying effort which brings about 80% of results improvement.
  • Learn effective storytelling techniques coupled with tried-and-tested composition techniques used by PSLE learners to score distinction!
  • Learners will be inspired to write in a creative, influential and motivational way which they can apply in everyday writing and communication!
 WOW Yourself After Applying Our Writing Methods! You’ll Reimagine Writing Like Never Before!!!

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P5 P6 English Creative Writing
$155 14,15,16 March 1-3pm
  • Cultivate impactful storytelling techniques
  • Organisation structure of composition
  • Optimal expression of introduction, build-up, climax, resolution and conclusion
  • Learn how to write blogs, social media post captions, motivational speeches and many more!

Writing is an essential skill throughout our lives. Moreover, creative writing is becoming more valuable in this day and age with much practical use. It is therefore imperative we teach composition strategies that are relevant and impactful to make your child a better communicator through a three-day intensive training course!

P5-P6 English Creative Writing Intensive Course

Date: 14,15,16 March

Time: 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm

Platform: Physical or Online

Teachers: Mr Chee (P5-P6)


Mr Chee

  • Author of 5 books, including one Singapore textbooks used in primary school
  • Master in Education, UWA
  • Master in Educational Research, UWA
  • Bachelor of Science, NUS
  • Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers
  • More than 20 years of teaching experiences

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Pricing Structure

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P5-P6 English Creative Writing Intensive Training

3-Day Course
$ 155 One Time
  • $40 FLS Voucher
  • 2 Hrs/Lesson