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PSLE Power Boost Webinar – V2



AL1 Final Boost PSLE Webinar

Here’s How Average AL3-5 Students Achieve More In The Final Days

(the secret is right here… more further below…..)

ALL Session

$ 99
One Time
  • Includes ALL Subjects
  • Live Webinar
  • 90 Minutes / Session
MOST Popular

Hey Parents, let’s be honest here….

How confident are you of your child’s performance in PSLE?

Want your child to be Average OR Outstanding? Under-Performer OR High-Achiever? Ridden with Anxiety OR Pumped Up with Confidence?

Every choice you make determines the outcome.

In 2021, MOE switched to the new PSLE AL System to reflect your child’s actual individual performance rather than comparing with others under the old T-Score System.

To many parents, the AL score their child has been getting all these while is going to be indicative of actual PSLE performance.

Like all things in life, past results do not determine future performance.

The truth is that that your child can jump by 2 to 3 AL grades in every subject, whether it is English, Mother Tongue, Math or Science.

This reality is possible if the student learns and applies the right PSLE strategies in the actual papers.

As a centre focusing on learning strategies since 2005, we have trained the most effective strategies to several batches of learners. They were the ones who came back with multiple distinctions, and their parents were simply astounded.

In the upcoming AL1 PSLE Final Boost Webinar, your child gets to learn ALL the exam tactics that are ever needed for more than 90 marks in the PSLE.

My honest opinion? Every child should go for the ALL SUBJECTS* option above. For less than $100, you get 6 hours of expert guidance to excel the entire PSLE. These are going to be jam packed with scholar tips that will make HUGE IMPACT to PSLE, not the typical regular draggy lessons. 

 There is simply no better alternative.

(*Students not taking M.T. Chinese should take 3 subjects option)


But first, it's time for introductions...

About Our Master Trainers


As the founder of Fun Learners’ School, Mr Chee Chin Young believes in empowering learners for academic and life pursuits through fun creative ways. Under his principalship, Fun Learners’ School developed the proprietary method of learning known as Linchpin Advancement Method (LAM) for learners to attain academic success.

With his extensive 16 years of teaching experience, Mr Chee, who authored My Pals Are Here! textbook, is also a sought-after lecturer in teaching pedagogies. Many of his learners started off as average but eventually excelled in their academics after training in LAM.


Mr Ngoi Kok Yeu, who is also an ASEAN Scholar, graduated from National University of Singapore and has over 10 years of teaching experience in Mathematics & Science.

He believes that a meaningful learning experience involves motivation and DIY (Do-It-Yourself), as motivated learners are committed the entire learning process as they will attempt any means necessary to achieve their goals.

He hopes that he can fulfill the role of both classmate and teacher to his learners, not only to be able to clarify their doubts, but also to develop interest in learning amongst them.


Ms Xiaoyan graduated from Teacher College in Shanghai before moving to Singapore, she has more than 20 years of teaching experience and was a teacher trainer for our Chinese teachers.

Being a HOD, she is well-versed in Singapore Chinese syllabus and an expert in training learners to score well in exams.

All learners like her teaching and benefited under her tutelege.

We Help Students Raise Their PSLE Score By 2 or Even 3 Levels

Expert trainers assist your child with proven strategies for raising their exam score

Now any child can go into the PSLE exam with confidence. The child will know smart methods for successfully answering questions correctly, avoiding errors most other students make, and confidently moving through the exam quickly for an impressive higher score.

This is what your child needs to have greater opportunity, the best future, and a much more successful life. A higher PSLE score can help place your child in elite groups who receive the finest education. It is the advantage that could last a lifetime.

Who Are We? Why Learn From Us?

In this AL1 PSLE Final Boost Webinar, the entire team is led by Principal Mr Chee C.Y. (M.Ed) , author of textbook My Pals are Here and assessment books.

Our webinar are time tested with proven strategies and these will be taught to students for maximum performance.   

We Know Exactly What Works

Our trainers are experienced master trainers with more than 50 years of combined experience. We have coached countless students to help them improve their PSLE score by 2 or even 3 levels.

In essence, we teach your child to be an expert at sitting for an exam. Rather than just trying their best and struggling with difficult questions, your student arrives armed with a series of proven strategies that allows them to perform far better.

Exam Mindset Timing For Success

Students who achieve the highest scores are rarely the smartest. They simply have the right mindset. They are able to speed through exam questions and problems with accuracy.

This lets your child complete the entire exam without time running out. Having the right mindset allows your student to relax, be confident, and answer all the questions.

Engage Questions in the Most Reliable Manner

Students learn the best ways to answer questions. They discover how to structure a successful answer, what to include, and what mistakes to avoid. These are simple tips most students don’t know, but essential for a higher score.

Present Answers for Maximum Marks

Your child will not only answer questions correctly, but master proven methods for creating answers that receive the highest possible mark.

When two students both answer correctly, but one uses our methods for creating an answer for maximum marks, our student consistently receives the higher score.

Simple Strategies for Extra Marks

This is the secret to achieving highest marks. We teach your student how to successfully receive extra points to drive their score even higher. These are simple strategies any child can master in very little time.

Avoid Common and Careless Mistakes in All Subjects

Most other students receive a lower score than they deserve simply because they made careless mistakes or didn’t approach questions properly. We teach your student how to avoid mistakes for a much higher score. This makes a huge difference for many students.

We Offer Training For Each Subject Exam. Each with specific skills to help the student succeed.

For English:

  1. Write engagingly in Composition and Situation Writing
  2. Generating answer options for Comprehension Cloze
  3. Structuring precise sentences for Synthesis and Transformation
  4. Answering techniques in Open-Ended Comprehension


For MT (Chinese):

  1. 不能不知道的理解问答常出题和范围 Must-Know OE Comprehension techniques
  2. 作文的重点和必备的好词好句 Powerful phrases for Composition
  3. 语文运用:学生常犯错误 Common mistakes in MCQs
  4. 必学的词语搭配 Must-Learn phrases for Paper 2


For Mathematics:

  1. Must-know formulae and concepts
  2. Math heuristics for fastest and most reliable solutions
  3. Working techniques for maximum marks in shortest time
  4. Common mistakes every student should avoid


For Science

  1. Must-know concepts in each topic
  2. MCQ techniques for best choice in shortest time
  3. Open-Ended answering strategies with optimal keywords
  4. Real-world scenario questions

Your Child Gets a BIG Advantage

When added up, these strategies can give your student the big win they need to receive a great PSLE score and a much brighter future.

It’s a shame most students don’t have this opportunity to learn our strategies for succeeding on the exam. Most arrive at the exam nervous, afraid, and struggling to keep up with the fast pace. This difficult experience can lead to a disappointing mark that can haunt the student for years.

Make sure your child has this remarkable opportunity for an experienced instructor to teach him or her the simple methods that will help them succeed on all PSLE exams.

Enroll your child today in this valuable program. It’s the big advantage your child deserves for a more successful life.

What Our Students Said After Attending Our PSLE Power Boost Training Course

All you have to do now is:

Don’t Worry, if you aren’t really sure that all subjects is what you are looking for, you can still choose the package that’s Right for you

One Session

$ 49
One Time
  • Choose ONE Subject
  • Live Webinar
  • 90 Minutes / Session

Two Session

$ 69
One Time
  • Choose TWO Subjects
  • Live Webinar
  • 90 Minutes / Session

ALL Session

$ 99
One Time
  • Includes ALL Subjects
  • Live Webinar
  • 90 Minutes / Session
MOST Popular

Three Session

$ 89
One Time
  • Choose THREE Subjects
  • Live Webinar
  • 90 Minutes / Session

We have specially arranged for students a webinar close to PSLE when it is going to be the most effective.

Our expert trainers will mentally prep your child on how best to overcome PSLE challenges over the next two weeks.

22 September 2022 (Thu):
English Session  5pm-630pm
Chinese Session  7pm-830pm

23 September 2022 (Fri):
Math Session  5pm-630pm 
Science Session  7pm-830pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Your child will learn important tips and strategies that are important in the PSLE exam. This is a timely reminder on how to score well and to minimise mistakes at the same time.

On top of attending the webinar, he will receive notes for revision. If possible, you can also revise with him so that he can reap the most benefits out of this webinar.

We cannot guarantee results but as long as he follows our advice and implement the strategies, chances are he can definitely score better than before.