Learners' Say


for Math I improved from a C to A* and a C to A for Science…

Prior to joining Fun Learners’ School, my Science results were sitting at the bottom of the class. I decided to give Fun Learners’ School a try as I did not see significant improvements at other enrichment centres. The teachers here have very creative methods of teaching which made learning fun and engaging. My grades improved significantly. For Chinese, I improved from B to A, for Math I improved from a C to A* and a C to A for Science.

Ng Yu Shuang, Lianhua Pri School

I really enjoyed the teaching methods of the teachers here and benefitted from the methods imparted…

Before joining Fun Learners’ School, I was struggling with my Science and Higher Chinese. I decided to enroll in Fun Learners’ School under the recommendation of my teacher. I really enjoyed the teaching methods of the teachers here and benefitted from the methods imparted. The different techniques allowed me to learn more effectively. After joining Fun Learners’ School, my Higher Chinese grade improved from a Pass to Merit and my Science grade improved from B to A.

Liu Wenhao, Lianhua Pri School

My English grade improved from A to A*!

Before attending Fun Learners’ School, I was struggling in English. I decided to give Fun Learners’ School a go as it is located in close proximity to my house. The classes here are fun and engaging which I really enjoyed. With Fun Learners’ School, I was able to broaden my vocabulary and better understand concepts. My English grade improved from A to A*!

Yeo Zhen Ze, St. Anthony Pri School

A-math grades improved greatly from a B4 to A1 and my Higher Chinese improved from B4 to A2

Initially i was struggling really hard with A maths as i was unable to grasp the concept while learning in school and was performing badly in examinations and tests causing me to feel frustrated and discouraged. I was also not doing favourably in Higher Chinese. I had no idea how to answer comprehension questions and always only scored around C5 and B4.

I was in need of help to improve myself in Higher Chinese and Amath and my friend recommended me to Fun Learner's.

I really enjoyed the study environment as it is relaxed and not as stressful as a normal classroom and the teachers are very friendly. This made me able to ask questions more confidently to clarify my doubts and voice out my opinions. The active discussions in classwas the most enjoyable part of the lessons.

The teachers made the Math concepts easy to understand by simplifying it and taught me how to apply them in math problems. After applying these strategies in homework,practice papers and tests, my grades improved from B4 to A1. In Higher Chinese lessons, my teacher was able to help me to understand the comprehension passage better and helped me to break down the different question types and literary techniques to effectively answer questions. My Chinese composition writing also improved as my teacher trained us in literary techniques and taught us different writing strategies in writing compositions to get the most marks possible.

Be as specific as possible My A-math grades improved greatly from a B4 to A1 and my Higher Chinese improved from B4 to A2. Ever since attending the A-math lessons I was able to understand new math concepts more quickly and developed good study habits recommended by the teachers there. For Higher Chinese, i was constantly applying the techniques in daily work and picked up reading Chinese light novels and newspapers as recommended by my teacher in Fun Learners’. Now I am more confident when I am speaking Chinese and also developed a liking to Chinese books which I used to hate in the past. I would really like to thanks the teachers in fun learners for giving me an enjoyable study experience in fun learners and teaching me the different studying techniques which helped me to perform fairly well in my O levels.

Zhou Bo Yang, Swiss Cottage Secondary School

huge improvements in A-Math from C5 to B3

Before getting help in Fun Learners’, I was lagging behind severely in both E-Math and A-math. I could not understand the concepts that the school teacher was teaching. I wanted to improve my grades before my O Levels starts.

In Fun Learners’, the different teaching methods which were not used in my school to help me learn the concepts. I started to push myself to start doing homework, and often understood concepts better than in school.

The greatest result is the huge improvements in A-Math from C5 to B3.

Chong Eugene, Commonwealth Secondary School

Teacher always teach us easier methods, formulas and shortcuts. I went from E8 to B3 in A-math

Before I joined our classes, I was unable to keep up in class in school. I didn't understand lots of concepts that were newly taught. Failing Math in school made me decide to enroll for the classes at Fun Learners’.

The teacher thoroughly explains everything. The classes are engaging and the teacher always teach us easier methods, formulas and shortcuts that really helped a lot.

I was able to better understand lessons in school. Did not have as much a hard time when doing homework as compared to before.

I went from E8 to B3 in A-math. I experienced easier time when doing homework and is able to tackle harder questions.

Tan Yoke Tin, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Pri School

Getting an A2 for my higher Chinese O level exam

Before I joined, I was struggling with Chinese, with me doing poorly in Chinese tests, sometimes even failing my Chinese exams

I decided to enroll to improve my Chinese and because I had a friend in the class that recommended this class for me

The classes are useful and helps me improve Chinese while still being fun and enjoyable

My Chinese has improved and I also learnt answering techniques for the Chinese paper

After I joined, I saw a grade improvement in my Chinese, improving from barely passing my Chinese exams to getting an A2 for my higher Chinese O level exam.

Darryl Tee Cai Jun, Raffles Institution

A2 for my O levels with a distinction for oral

Before joining Chinese tuition classes, I lacked confidence in the subject and rarely participated in class discussions. I constantly feared being called on to answer questions by my teacher and i especially disliked the idea of having to read aloud in class. I was embarrassed of how badly I was doing in the subject.

My friend, Aisha highly recommended this tuition to me and knowing how much i needed all the extra help I could get, I decided to join the tuition as I knew I would be getting help.

It is a very chill environment where I need not be afraid to make mistakes because I know that when I do make them, I would be able to learn from them. With the classroom layout as well, discussions amongst students are more effective and highly encouraged and with this, we can learn even more as we exchange our opinions and ideas with one another. The journals that are handed out to us are also a great way for us to record down what we have learnt each lesson and it is especially handy when it comes to last minute revisions before exams.

I definitely gained more confidence in the subject and I went from completely dreading Chinese lessons to even enjoying it. I picked up useful study techniques that not only applies to Chinese but to other subjects as well. Beyond the academic aspect of classes, I made great memories in class and the time I spent with my classmates is one I will treasure.

In sec 1 and 2, I was struggling to pass higher Chinese and would consider myself lucky if I could even get a C5. I mostly failed my class tests as I did not know any proper study methods. As i progressed to sec 3 and sec 4, my C5 grades improved to a B4. When I took the O Level Chinese exam in sec 3 and got an A2, i almost wanted to drop higher Chinese as I thought I would not be able to cope. Luckily, my teacher convinced me not to and under her guidance, I was eventually able to score an A2 for my O levels with a distinction for oral.

Myat Sandy Maung, Bukit Panjang Govt. High School

A* for Chinese in PSLE, A1 for normal Chinese in O Level and A2 for higher Chinese in O Level

Before I joined our classes, I had trouble understanding the Chinese lessons in school because I didn’t have a strong foundation in the language.

My mother and I came across Fun Learner’s School while we were surfing the net for tuition centres. We decided to try out Fun Learner’s School because we found out that Ms Cha is an ASEAN scholar.

I enjoyed the fact that class sizes were small so teachers could cater to all students. I also enjoyed how lessons ended with games that were meant to reinforce what we learnt that day so it was a fun way to recap.

Ms Cha gave us many practice papers for us to attempt the questions and through this, I familiarized myself with the various question types and was better prepared for exams.

My results improved and I managed to get an A* for Chinese in PSLE, A1 for normal Chinese in O Level and A2 for higher Chinese in O Level.

Aisha Thauheed, Bukit Panjang Government High

Biggest positive change in me was the studying technique and exam tactic

My English composition were awful and I did not know how to express myself using good words and phrases. In Fun Learners’ School, the teachers were kind, some were funny and the staff were all very warm towards me. I like the star system as the stars I get can be used to redeem things my parents did not allow me to buy. They taught me a lot of stuff and I learned a lot too. The biggest positive change in me was the studying technique and exam tactic I used to prepare for my examinations and my results have improved too.

Yang Xue, Lianhua Primary School