Parents' Say


From a borderline pass to a “B”…

Dear Fun Learners' School,


We want to say a big "thank you" to you for taking Caelen on in Primary 5, and tutoring him so well all the way to the PSLE.


When we first approached you when he was in P5, Caelen's Chinese grade was just a borderline pass. He was fairly good in the other 3 subjects, but Chinese was the subject that he really struggled with. We knew that to do well for the PSLE, it is important that he gets a decent grade for Chinese too. Unfortunately, the teachers in his school and previous tuition centers did not enthuse him in the learning of the subject. This made learning quite a challenge.


It was with your patient, friendly, kind and encouraging way of teaching that Caelen became more receptive and encouraged. He was able to improve in all aspects (Oral, MCQ, Comprehension, Composition) of the Chinese exam papers. Although there were (heart-stopping) dips along the way, he made steady progress, and eventually got a "B" for Chinese in the school prelims and the PSLE.


From a borderline pass to a "B" in 2 years is a very good result, and we would like to thank you very much for your patience and hard work in teaching him so well! We are very happy to have found a great teacher in you!

Parents of Caelen Lum, Caelen Lum 2018 P6

Improvement in fluency and confidence during speaking

My child has a very weak foundation in his Chinese language. He does not have a strong vocabulary in the subject. Due to these factors, he is unable to perform well in many of his components during his exams.

After seeing the grades of his Brother improve from attending the tuition classes, I decided to send my younger Son to FLS as well. The Teachers are patient and will always attend to the queries of my Son. They will find different teaching methods to ensure that my Son understands.

Lessons are not boring. Fun, jokes and laughter are incorporated into the lessons so that my child is able to stay focus as well as enjoy the learning process.

After attending the classes, my child's Chinese vocabulary has improved a lot. Now, he knows and even remembers many Chinese phrases that are beneficial to improve his composition grades. His improvement in fluency and confidence during speaking has also improved his oral grades as well. The consistent comprehension practices have helped him in answering the questions to the point.

Mrs See, Parents of Jun Long from Swiss Cottage

Chinese was not her MTL but she has scored A in PSLE!

I must say that there were tremendous improvements after attending classes at FLS. My eldest daughter who took the English Creative Writing class was able to organise her compositions much better than she did before. Even her school teachers were impressed and used her essays as example in class. There were improvements in the way she answered science questions as well.
Learning answering techniques was very important due to time crunch during exams.
For my youngest daughter who attended Chinese lessons at FLS, there were incredible improvements made. The fun and light-hearted lessons were very useful in motivating my daughter as Chinese was not her MTL. My girl went on to score an A in Chinese for PSLE, quite to the surprise of her Primary School teacher.
My eldest daughter went on to do IP in Secondary School. My 2 other children went on to Express Stream with very good T-scores.

Mdm Suhara, Parents of Hana, Eman and Omar

Engaging learning strategies such as quizzes, games and videos to reinforce learning

Both of my girls, Zhi Ying and Jing Yi attended FLS classes. My eldest has since graduated and my younger one is currently in S3. They like the lessons here because teachers are experienced and always serious in their work. More importantly, the teachers are caring and attending. The materials and curriculum are customized to help students to improve. They use engaging learning strategies such as quizzes, games and videos to reinforce learning. They are very comfortable and happy to come here for lessons. I would recommend anyone to come here for lessons.

Mrs Ling, Parents of Zhi Ying & Jing Yi from Kranji Secondary School

Recommend anyone to come to FLS because they are serious in making learning effective

Jayden has been attending classes in FLS since P1 through recommendation from a friend. I find that the teachers here are caring and helpful, they take my son’s learning seriously and will go to the extra miles to help him. My son has been enjoying the lessons here.
The learning materials here are good, e.g. the teachers emphasize building the foundation while stretching their abilities beyond the syllabus. I receive feedbacks weekly through journals to keep up with my son’s progress. I believe that by working together, we can help my son to improve. I will recommend anyone to come to FLS because they are serious in making learning effective.

Mrs Low, Parents of Jayden Low from St Anthony Pri School

Self-belief and confidence has ascended and these have enabled them to venture into tasks without hesitation.

My son, Alfred Toh, age 8 and daughter, Bri-ann, age 14 have been with Fun Learners' since they were in Primary 1.
Over the past years with Fun Learners', as parents, we have seen our children flourish both academically and emotionally. Their self-belief and confidence has ascended and these have enabled them to venture into tasks without hesitation.
Fun Learners' has created a stimulating learning environment for the students. My son enjoys most of his lessons here, it boosts his confidence and desire for more challenges.
From our side as parents, we are very pleased with the school teaching approach and we look forward to a long term engagement with the school.

Mrs Toh, Parents of Alfred and Bri-ann

Teachers are affable and approachable

Fun Learners’ School Tuition Centre provides a conducive environment for studying and development as Learners can learn while having fun. The teachers are affable and approachable who tutor my children well. My children have learned much from Fun Learners’ School, especially for creative writing.

Dr. Koh Liang Piu, parent of Koh Yin Jie, P6 (PSLE 273)

Results beyond my expectation. Growing maturity and confidence

Dear Mr Chee,

Thank you very much for your guidance to help Xin Lei excel in her PSLE. Xin Lei made tremendous progress in her primary school studying under your guidance and achieved PSLE results beyond my expectation. To achieve her results, Xin Lei worked very hard and Mr Chee guided her to work smart as well. We are very pleased not only with her performance in her PSLE, but also with her growing maturity and confidence. It was your principle of teaching independent thinking and proper understanding that brought out the best in Xin Lei.

We are very fortunate to discover this school 3 years ago and will not hesitate to recommend our friends to send their kids here.

Dr. Ye, parent of Xin Lei, Xin Li scored 264 in PSLE

Enjoys Lesson!

Aaron looks forward to this lesson every week, he enjoys the lesson very much!

Mrs Chew, parent of Aaron Chew (P5 Science)

The quality of the teachers

The difference of this school really lies in the quality of teachers. Here, teachers go to the extra mile to teach my child to excel in his subjects and be a good person.

Mrs. Peh, parent of Peh Xuan Ying and Peh Xuan Wei (Lian Hua Pri)