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$50.00 – $70.00 Per Lesson


Available: All Year

Lesson Duration:
Pri 2 – Sec 4 for 1 hr 45 mins

Term: 12 to 13 Weeks

Level: Intermediate to Advance

All lessons are auto recorded for revision purpose.


Primary Mathematics​

Our curriculum is designed according to MOE’s latest syllabus. We impart answering and checking techniques e.g. highlighting of keywords to increase accuracy and minimizes mistakes. We expose learners to different types of heuristic problems & questions.  

All the topic’s content, resources and assignments (such as Lessons,Concept Application, Application Assessment, Videos, Manipulative Activities, Simple Teacher’s resources such as Links, Documents, Teacher’s assignments such as quizzes, worksheets, journals, etc) can be found in each topic’s content page.


From time to time, we guide and reinforce concepts learnt using interactive revision games. We help learners to construct his/her own mathematical understanding, verify Mathematical concepts with the help of our flipped classroom video lessons.

Secondary Mathematics​

Singapore-Cambridge GCE O/N(A)/N(T) Level Math

We focus on the development of critical thinking skills, while building the Mathematical concepts for our Secondary students.

Over the past 18 years, our Secondary Math Programme involves in-house specially designed materials to help in the establishment of a strong foundation in the students’ fundamental techniques, higher-order thinking, and core mathematical concepts.

Our team of teachers is committed to train the students’ heuristic problem solving in real-life applications and improve their academic performance.

We believe in providing thought-stimulating materials to sustain their interest in Mathematics.

Success guaranteed for your child in the mastery of Mathematical concepts with a curriculum that is carefully crafted to the syllabus in school.