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Our Founders


Founder & Principal

Specialises in English, Math and Science
  • Master of Educational Research, University of Western Australia 
  • Master of Education, University of Western Australia
  • Bachelor of Science (2nd Upper Class Honours), National University of Singapore
  • Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers (Distinction).
  • Creator of educational game “Number Battles”
  • Co-author of My Pals are Here
  • Author of Assessment Books (sold to more than 52 countries worldwide)

As a teacher, Mr Chee, whose extensive knowledge never fails to amaze his Learners, is known as a “walking encyclopaedia”. He professes himself to be addicted to learning.

Inspiration Background

When Mr Chee started private tutoring as an undergraduate, he realised the fact that every Learner wants to do well and be successful. However, each faces a unique set of difficulties that prevents the Learner from achieving what they want. He feels that a teacher should always know their Learners, and identify the difficulties at the start and during the lesson. Only through this understanding can the teacher structure the curriculum to target the conceptual difficulties from their Learners’ perspectives.

Education Influence

Mr Chee is influenced by John Dewey’s philosophy that the task of education is to prepare individuals to not only solve problems, but to also anticipate them. These individuals need to be aware of the forces of change in society, which can bring about new possibilities as well as social problems. Through the making of choices, reflective thinking and growing through interaction, individuals can direct social change with their own actions. Dewey also encouraged people to realise that there is beauty in everyday things, and that one should improve the world rather than reject it.

Belief In Education

Education is a tool that empowers Learners to become useful individuals in a progressive society. Teachers should also be avid Learners themselves, as this is the best way to inspire their Learners.

Teaching Strategy

Simplification of concepts
Targeted practice in key areas of syllabus
Games and enrichment activities to inspire interest in lessons


Co-Founder & Vice Principal

Specialises in Chinese
  • ASEAN Scholar, National University of Singapore
  • Master of Educational Research, University of Western Australia 
  • Master of Education, University of Western Australia (campus in Hwa Chong Institution),
  • Bachelor of Science (2nd Upper Class Honours), National University of Singapore, attained twice in the Dean’s List
  • Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers (Distinction)
  • HSK Certificate of Chinese Proficiency (Grade A – Top performer, Advanced Level 12), State Commission of Chinese Proficiency Test, Beijing
  • Creator of “Han Twister”
  • Judge for QS World University Ranking Reimagine Award

Inspiration Background

Ms Cha discovered her teaching identity when she was giving private tuition during her undergraduate years. After graduation, she became so motivated to bring her teaching to the next level that she self-funded her own teaching diploma. Her vibrant laughter during lessons is evidence of the passion for engaging and inspiring the Learners. Ms Cha is an advocate of positive parental attitude toward bilingualism. Even if the parents themselves may not be conversant in both languages, they can place emphasis on the learning of both languages, especially during the child’s early years. Ever since she found that students and their parents generally perceive Chinese to be a difficult language to master, she has been working tirelessly to challenge the way Singaporeans view the learning of the language in a bilingual environment.

Education Influence

Ms Cha takes her educational inspiration from Carl Rogers, who theorised that the aim of education is to develop a fully functioning person. This can be achieved through an education system oriented towards self-actualisation. The school environment should be non-threatening with an intrinsic acceptance of every learner as individuals. The teacher’s role is to create a climate of trust, openness and mutual respect in which self-directed learning can occur. The process of self-directed learning develops a positive self-concept and the capacity for innovation, allowing the individual to actualise their fullest capacity.

Belief In Education

Education opens doors of opportunities for individuals to engage in personal growth to realise, if not exceed, their full potential.


Teaching Strategy

Practice makes perfect
Exposure to the works of top students and teachers
Versatility in lesson planning
Understanding Learners’ needs, and adjusting for maximum teaching impact
Timely feedback through encouragement