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$50.00 – $70.00 Per Lesson


Available: All Year

Lesson Duration:
Pri 3 – 6 for 1 hr 45 mins

Term: 12 to 13 Weeks

Level: Intermediate to Advance

All lessons are auto recorded for revision purpose.


Primary Science

Conquer Science Open-Ended Questions With Less Writing


Are you aware that answer statements for primary school science open-ended questions (OEQ) really do not need to be paragraph long? 


Most students are taught to write long answers because they tend to miss out key concepts. The scientific keywords have to be structured in the correct manner to bring out the right concepts.


Even for 1-mark questions, it is common for students to cram in whatever keywords that come to mind, all in the hope that some of them would hit the “target”. 


Extra writing can be a double whammy. Besides the risk of losing the intended meaning, there is also less time for the student to complete the remaining OEQ.


In every science topic at Fun Learners’ School, your child will be strengthened in foundational concepts through Factual Study and Concept Assessment. Only with strong understanding can requirements of OEQ be understood.


Guidance is provided at every step of engagement, from keyword mark-up to logic flow and structuring of each sentence.


Our teachers also train students in writing meaning concept maps to consolidate conceptual understanding. To prepare for exams, all the student has to do is to revise through the concept maps packed with critical information.


With the above training, AL1 in science will be within reach for your child.


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