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Stress in school work and unable to cope with the school pace

Problem #06: Stress in school work and unable to cope with the school pace

Choosing the right tuition centre is crucial for your child’s academic success.

Over the years, we have encountered many brilliant students whose potential for academic success were denied. Worst of all, we have seen many brilliant students’ talents untapped and underachievement in their examination results.

To begin with, there were many reasons.

One of the most common mistakes we discovered was the failure to identify challenges faced by a child when studying.

On the other hand, attending tuition centre does not guarantee the child’s success; Right Teaching Method and Right Study Method Does !!!

Here in Fun Learner’s School, we always make it a point to understand the challenges faced by students on their side of the problem before any meaningful progress can be expected.


*Note: Names have been changed to protect identities.

Case Study #6: Jin Soo* Actually Enjoys Learning; It’s Just The Homework…

Background Information:

Education Level: Primary 4
Learning Challenge: Stress in school work and unable to cope with the school pace
Tuition Experience: – Attended other centres previously and switched over

For a Primary 4, Jin Soo was studious girl. She liked to read a lot, and could spend hours on books in a stretch. However, the eye bags on the 10-year-old showed that her sleep had been inadequate.

After 11pm, children her age should be dozing off in their beds, but not for Jin Soo. Instead, she was staring at challenging questions, while struggling to keep heavy eyelids open. Jin Soo was hesitant to write. She had this impression that making mistakes meant she had not been paying attention.

Unbeknownst to Jin Soo, a number of classmates were burning the midnight oil as well.

When Jin Soo asked for extra help in her studies, her parents decided to bring her around to look for a learning centre. That was how they chanced upon Fun Learners School.

Jin Soo went for the trial lesson and liked it immediately. The teacher, who happened to be the principal, was friendly and helpful. Besides learning methods that sped up her working process, her parents forwarded photos of challenging questions to Fun Learners School for advice.

Instead of giving outright answers, the teacher wrote in hints and clues. That helped tremendously even though Jin Soo did not get the answers all the time, but she was learning through corrections as well.

Is your child facing the same problem as Jin Soo? Talk with us! We should be able to help.